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20.07.2024, 13:01

Zhovkva state forestry enterprise

square: 33 679 ha

employees: 203

main tree species: pine, alder, oak, beech

administrative districts of location: Zhovkva, Kamyanka-Buzka, Sokal

Zhovkva state forestry enterprise refers to the structure of the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine and is part of the Lviv Regional Forestry and Hunting administration.

We located in the territory of three administrative districts of Lviv region in Western Ukraine that on the border with Poland.

The enterprise includes 7 forestry units, 1 processing unit and 1 warehouse.

The total area of green forestry purposes is 33.7 thousand ha. Total wood stock  - 5737 thousand m3. The overall annual growth plantations - 97,2 thousand m3. the average age of plantations – 68 years.

The basic woods within the enterprise are: pine - 50%, oak - 15%, beech - 7%, birch - 13%, alder - 15%.

Zhovkva state forestry enterprise have been internationally certified to FSC criteria and have the corresponding certificate SGS-FM/COC-002711.

The annual volume of timber is 48 thousand m3 with his own processing capacity is 6 thousand m3.

We offer to realization:

  • plywoods (alder 80 m3 per month, birch 50 m3 per month)
  • sawlogs (pine 800 m3 per month, oak 85 m3 per month)
  • pulpwoods (pine 420 m3 per month)
  • technological raw materials (pine 420 m3 per month)
  • firewoods (pine 600 m3 per month)

Also we offer products of wood processing:

  • edged boards (pine 55 m3 per month)
  • not edged boards (pine 20 m3 per month)
  • wood slabs for making pallets (pine 110 m3 per month)

With its own power have the ability to produce products in accordance with the processing of orders. Also, the company completed work on launching drying which can both dry 100m3 products.

Zhovkva state forestry enterprise has the opportunity to sell these seedlings species: pine, oak, alder.

At present, we collaborate with clients from Romania, Austria, Poland, and Latvia.  Interested in search of new partners on mutually beneficial terms, will be happy to answer all your queries.

Contact us:

3, Lisna str, Zhovkva, L’viv region, Ukraine 80300
Zhovkva state forestry enterprise

tel/fax +380 3252 61838 , +380 3252 61837
mobile tel. +380 67 9795905, +380 67 3415101, +380 67 3415100